Nationwide, AET offers complete electrical substation and distribution transformer services; testing, repair, and maintenance.

Customized bushing gaskets prepared in the field

Customized bushing gaskets prepared in the field

AET offers an array of transformer services. Our services range from routine inspection, testing and maintenance to a full turnkey replacement of a large power transformer. AET also performs bushing replacement, LTC repairs and oil processing. AET provides field engineering, assembly, vacuum filling, acceptance testing and commissioning..

Additionally, AET routinely provides comprehensive electrical testing, troubleshooting and diagnostics of transformers. Testing includes Insulation Resistance, Turns Ratio, Power Factor, Excitation, Winding Resistance, SFRA, Leakage Reactance and Oil Analysis. AET performs electrical testing and maintenance on all types and sizes of transformers from small dry type and cast coil transformers to large oil-filled power transformers.

AET has transformer and apparatus subject matter experts on staff. Our customers have come to depend on our vast experience and depth of knowledge of power equipment for recommendations and solutions to resolve equipment issues before they result in unplanned power outages or costly equipment failure. AET is an active member of Doble and often present papers at industry conferences including Doble, NETA and IEEE.

Our goal is to maintain your transformer’s reliability to the highest standards possible. To learn more about our transformer services, contact us today.

Transformer Services

  • Assembly
  • Vacuum Filling
  • Repairs
  • LTC
  • Bushing Replacement
  • Oil Analysis

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