From initial start-up to regular maintenance, AET’s Acceptance & Maintenance Testing services ensure the reliability, safety, and optimum operation of electrical power equipment.

Acceptance Testing

AET Test Technician testing protective relays

AET Test Technician testing protective relays

Acceptance testing is the first step in obtaining optimum performance from an electrical power system. New equipment acceptance tests demonstrate that the equipment meets the established specifications and quality standards before it is accepted and energized. Equipment, which does not meet required specifications and standards, can be rejected or corrected before it can cause a problem. Records of acceptance tests become the base data in a sound preventive maintenance program. Testing, adjustment, and calibration prior to energizing a new system or component assure proper initial operation and establish a reference for future testing.

Preventative Maintenance Services

A preventive maintenance program, with periodic testing, inspection and corrective service, uncovers imminent problems before they result in emergency shutdown of critical power distribution systems. Findings documented in routine inspections and maintenance help to identify weak links in the system, plan for the retirement of aging equipment and in shaping sound preventive maintenance procedures. To identify and address loose connections, insulation degradation, or potential failures during a scheduled preventive maintenance outage, can save thousands of dollars in unplanned interruption costs. Additionally, sound preventative maintenance practices can detect and remedy mechanical and control problems, incorrect settings and inadequate protection—all preventing costly disruptions down the road.

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Testing Services

  • Switchgear
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Power Transformers
  • Instrument Transformers
  • Rotating Machinery
  • Cables
  • Protective Relays
  • Battery Systems
  • Ground Systems
  • Infrared Surveys

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